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Do you watch what you buy and eat?
Then you’re in the right place here! You can find many products that are produced sustainably, made and packaged by hand in our shop. At the same time, we stock all the products that our numerous Barbiano regular customers need day in day out.

From all over the world

If you don’t want to miss anything despite being on holiday: we stock South Tyrolean and Italian daily newspapers but also international magazines and tobacco products in our range.

Einheimische genießen Aperitif

Local Products

If you want to take home a South Tyrolean delicacy for your loved one or yourself, visit us and we will gladly help you out with tips and gift ideas.

Hausgemachter Honig

Our cellar

Take a look at the world of South Tyrolean delicacies. Our in-house schnapps & bacon cellar is open for you at any time, and well-known among regular customers.

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