Owner: Gasthof Traube KG der Rabanser Karin & Co.

Paese 14, I-39040 Barbiano (BZ)

MwSt- und Steuer-Nummer: 02525610214

Telephone: 0039 0471 650 000

Fax: 0039 0471 650 050

Concept & Webdesign:


Coding: silverback@

References/Copyright: Gasthof Traube KG der Rabanser Karin & Co., Wolfgang Gafriller, Rene Gruber, wellhotel, MoWo, Kusstatscher, TV Eisacktal, TV Barbian

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Informative document – Par. 13 of the Decree Law of the 30th June 2003, n° 196. According to the Decree Law of the 30th June 2003, n° 196, we supply all information and mode of Your personal data processing, their transmission and diffusion, the nature of the data we are in possession of and their conferring. The data processing is carried out using our computer means and systems, conformed to the safety measures provided in the Decree Law of the 30th June 2003, n° 196. These data will be processed by the employees of our company or by other companies that belong to our Group only. In particular, the data processing will be carried out by the members of Gasthof Traube KG der Rabanser Karin & Co.
, by the employees of the sales department, the staff of the administration offices and the competent technicians. Note that we will constantly update our database using the data You have communicated. The data we are in possession of are saved by our company and used by our staff only. They cannot be passed to a third party. Gasthof Traube KG der Rabanser Karin & Co. is in possession of Your personal data as You previously transmitted them to the company. Nature of the data transmission:
The diffusion of the data at our disposal is up to You. In case You do not want to receive further info, please inform us in writing. In that case just mail to: info@ Obviously, if You ask to cancel Your data normally used to send invitations and info concerning our events, services and researches, You also lose the opportunities deriving from the updating of our future activities.
Moreover, we inform You that You can check Your data at any time or update, modify, complete or cancel them in our database.
In case we do not receive any notice, You will receive all communications concerning our initiatives regularly. The interested party benefits from all the rights provided in the Par. 7 of the Decree Law 196/03; he/she is allowed to check which data have been registered in the files and delete them. Holder of the treatment: Gasthof Traube KG der Rabanser Karin & Co.
, with seat in I–39040 Barbiano, Paese 14 – South Tyrol – Italy, in the person of the legal representative Karin Rabanser.


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